Some MINOR course changes are being made to the 2023 courses. Below will be updated soon. In the interm, please see the original course for your evaluation and planning.

14km Course Description (14km, 28km, 42km and 56km races) – FROM 2022 AND EARLIER – 2023 UPDATES TO COME

Depending on your race distance, the 14km, 28km, 42km and 56km races are made up of loops of this 14 km track.

KEY POINT: The 14km loop has 272m of elevation gain (and loss, being a loop)

This course features some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. These historic trails will take you alongside five lakes, several ponds and wetlands, across creeks and boardwalks and under some amazing rock formations. It is 95% trails and 5% gravel road. Considered to be a challenging course, it is generally flat to rolling. It has some longer gradual inclines such as up the Wetlands and some shorter steep hills that will get the heart rate up. With bush cover and the lakeside for most of the course, the summertime heat will be tempered. The one area where we have seen mosquitoes is downhill, so you can outrun them!

Sample Run


Start (km 0) From the start/finish area head back down South Limberlost Rd. At 650 metres turn left and go through the green gate onto Gottarun Trail/Solitaire Trail. The trail follows the shore of Lake Solitaire. It is single and double track that is mostly flat to rolling. There is one short steep hill at 1.4km. Other than ‘The Hill’  it is all very runnable with just a couple of rocky and rooty sections. Exit the trail at Langmead Cabin. Behind the cabin is….

Aid Station #1 (Langmead,km 3.9) At the end of the driveway turn left and run 100 metres to the Wetland Trail on your right. The beginning of Wetland is sometimes just that, wet, depending on seasonal rainfall and how busy the beavers have been. You will be able to skirt the flooded areas or run right through them – your choice! There has been no flooding in the last two years. Flat to rolling with a gradual climb, it features several beaver ponds. It is quite open in areas so tends to be hotter. You will cross two bridges. The trail ends at the….

Road (km 5.8) No turns here –  cross the road and run through the gravel pit. Having just run up the more open Wetland Trail, entering the bush here will feel delightfully cool. The trail then takes you behind Helve Lodge, following the shoreline of Helve Lake.  Cross a couple of small bridges and you are now below an old beaver dam. Go down the hill. Caution here as it can be wet and slippery. Cross the creek again, and run to the….

Road (km 6.5) Turn left, run 30 metres, then turn right at the boat launch. Turn right again and run counterclockwise around Buck Lake. This trail has varied terrain with some rocks, roots, sidehill and damp areas. At the north end of the lake, turn right at the….

‘Hickory Lake’ sign (km 8.5) Run up the hill to….

Aid Station #2 (Buck Lake, km 8.6) . Cross the road and  enter the bush once again. This new trail will take across a bridge and along a dirt road to the beginning of the ‘Hickory East-West Trail’. It is a combination of old logging roads, single and double track, creek crossings, uneven surfaces, rocks and roots and moderate sidehills. It is rolling with a couple of short steeper climbs. It ends at….

Turtle Lake East Trail (km 10.4) Turn right here and follow the trail uphill to Naomi’s Rest (km10.7). Continue along single and double track on rolling terrain to a downhill alongside Oliver Creek and then Nelson River. At about 12km turn right and cross a bridge. Turn left to follow the trail to Turtle Lake at…

Benjamin’s Bay (km 12.2) The terrain changes to mostly single track through a cedar forest, with some uneven and rooty sections. There will probably be some (more) mud! Continue on the trail until you reach the Narrows bridge at…..

Clear Lake (km 13)  Turn right immediately past the bridge. Follow the east shore of Clear Lake. You will cross two long boardwalks, and enter the field by the Parking area. Just a short distance to the….

Start/Finish (km 14)

7km Course Description – TLC 2023

7km loop has 126m of elevation gain (and loss, being a loop)