FRIDAY Sept 4th

There will be no pre-registration or race kit pick-up on Friday. You may set up your campsite any time after noon.

Campers – There is one camping area only. It is at the far end of the field where the start/finish is located. Don’t camp in the general parking area. Campsites are not marked. Pick your spot. In order to make the most of the area that we have, we ask that you park as close as possible to your tent.

There is limited space for RV’s. Let us know the size of your RV.

Swim at the beach at Clear Lake any time. The water is crystal clear and refreshing. It is adjacent to the start/finish area. There are no lifeguards, so please be responsible. Swimming is at your own risk.

Saturday Sept 5th – RACE DAY

Parking – Please carpool if you can. No parking on South Limberlost Road. The
parking marshals will show you where you can park. It is right next to
the start/finish. Please park as close as possible to adjacent vehicles. Thanks.

We have been asked by the Reserve not to allow participant’s vehicles on the reserve roads. Spectators are welcome to walk or mountain bike. See us for a map that will show you how to get to good spots where you can see the runners. Thanks for your co-operation.

6:30am to 8:30am – Registration and race kit pick-up

7:35am – MANDATORY Pre Race instructions

8:00am – 56km race start

8:10am – 42km race start

8:20am – 28km race start

8:30am – 14km Wave 1 race start

8:35am – 14km Wave 2 race start

8:40am – 14km Wave 3 race start

8:50am – 7km race start

10:15am – 7km awards

11:15am –  14km awards

1:00pm – 28km awards

3:15pm – 42km and 56km awards for First overall plus any age groups that have 1st, 2nd and 3rd in.

4:15pm – 56km awards for any other completed age groups

5:00pm – 56km, remaining age groups

Lunch served from 10:30am, then all day!

Enjoy your race!